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What am I doing now? 🤔

Updated July 20th, 2022; from Aachen, Germany.

Studying 📚 #

I’m finishing my studies. It’s going to be a tough semester for me. I’ll take exams for my last bachelor courses and my first ones for my master degree. This should conclude my time in Aachen. All outstanding credits can be done abroad. :)

IT4Kids 🧑‍🏫 #

IT4Kids is part of my life. I currently work on expanding our location in Ulm, Germany.

Reading 🤓 #

I discovered the books by Derek Sivers. The books are a fast read. Insightful!

Fitness 💪 #

During my expedition on the Kungsleden, I lost about 10 % of my body weight. The majority was fat. But I’d like to gain muscle in the upcoming weeks. Getting into a new workout routine besides swimming and running is a challenge. Important: I need to focus on sufficient calories!

What’s next? 🔮 #

I’ll start an internship in October for three months. I’m looking forward to learning new skills in tech start up scene! I don’t have any plans for January yet - let’s see about it. Starting in February, I’ll be in Taipeh. Super hyped for my semester at Taiwan Tech!